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2019 Chinese New Year, Year of the Boar

Posted on 10 January 2019

Right after the end of year holiday season, we are always at our busiest. Welcoming the Chinese New Year has always been a festive tradition in our homes. Everything need to be spotless, the old and broken things thrown away to make way of the new and good things, in line with the New Year Resolution, to be a better version of ourselves.

This year we are bringing back the all time favorite: Black Sesame Ice Cream with addition of Matcha Mochi. Black Sesame has always been associated with traditional Chinese and Japanese Dessert.  What a great way to pay homage to this traditional dessert with a modern twist. Let’s share the sweetness and tradition with your loved ones, family, friends and colleagues.

Wishing you Good Health, Prosperity and Good Fortune for the upcoming year of the Boar. Gong Xi Fat Chai!

kue imlek 2019imlek2019


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