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School of Taste Event

Posted on 14 September 2016
School of Taste

We had so much fun last weekend at Lippo Mall Kemang doing a special event called School of Taste (Sekolah Rasa) with Komunitas Organik Indonesia on September 9-11 2016. The class in an interactive program where community join us in a lively discussion revolving ice cream, tea and herbs and spices. The event encourages the community to “Taste it, smell it, tell the difference & learn the benefit”. The day ranges from talking and tasting about ice cream with GGLATO team, followed by Taste and Smell the Tea and Taste and Smell the Herbs. All classes are fun and educational as it helps and challenge students to focus on all of their senses and to learn benefits from each ingredients. A lot of students from nearby universities, mothers as well as the media came as they are intrigued with this new event.


GGLATO team especially focuses on basic ingredients that goes into our ice cream from talking about the difference between Vanilla Beans, Vanilla Extract and Vanillin. How we can differentiate food that uses the actual ingredients or just the essence that comes from a bottle. We are looking forward to expand this School of Taste to include Ice Cream Tasting Competition in our next expo, which is Organik, Green and Healthy Expo (OGH). Stay tuned for more details!

To learn more about this event, visit Komunitas Organik Indonesia for more information regarding this event. Thank you so much for your participation!

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